Pictures and property information entered into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), and in a broker’s website with other listings is often insufficient marketing to sell a property, especially rural property or houses that will pose a challenge to sell. We take a lengthy but very effective approach to marketing our listings. Here’s what we do...

  • Property condition. Study the structural, aesthetic and staging condition of the property.
  • Property improvements. Suggest minimum and maximum improvements to the property with ideas on what the improvements will do to possible selling price and time on market.
  • Possible sale price. After the seller has performed any repairs or improvements to the property we determine the best selling price based on condition and sale comparables.
  • Media. Record video and still pictures that include driving to the property, interior and exterior of property, as well as drone photography where possible.
  • Property video. Edit the video, voice-over a walk through of the property, its location and important amenities. Upload the video to the Internet.
  • Unique property website. Create a website that includes pictures (typically over 100), the video embedded on the Home Page, maps and pertinent information about the property.
    The website has two purposes:
    To sell the property to agents and their clients.
    2. To minimize the number of people who will personally tour the property because they’ve determined it doesn’t meet their needs.
  • Place the property in MLS. Listing agents typically sell about 12% of their own listings; buyer agents sell the majority of listings. That means taking care to correctly display the property in the MLS, and to lead buyer agents to the property website for complete information.
  • Advertise profusely. We typically run several hundred online ads on each of our listings. Our yard signs display the URL of the website so buyers and agents can view the website and the video on their phones, tablets or computers.

A superior marketing system

Click on the picture ====================> see an example of the website and video of a rural property we sold in East Texas. The video starts by selling the general location and the nearby city because the local area was not exactly exemplary, and the house itself was not typical construction. This was a challenging property to sell as two other agents had failed to sell it.

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